Meet Our CEO


The CEO of Butterflies Naturals, Tshura Jones, is dedicated to making sure that men and women do not have to suffer from hair loss, especially since she has lived through it herself. She was born and raised in Trinidad. Migrated to the U.S. at age 14, served in the U.S. Army and worked in the Federal Government. During her time in the Army, she was a Logistical Specialist (92 A) and later a Contract Specialist (51C). With working in roles that consisted of stressful tasks , she had to wear a wool beret that caused excess friction to her hairline and inordinate breakage. She had never experienced this before and did not know how to fix the problem which compelled her to do months of research and formula testing with natural ingredients for a hair oil. With this, she found that ingredients such as aloe vera, ginger root, neem, and mustard seed are key in hair growth. She tried her product on her hair for 90 days and saw results that she has not seen with any other oil that she has tried. Through serving with other men and women in the military, she knew that other people had the same hair loss problems she did which is why she created a hair growth oil line called Butterflies Naturals. The name stems from seeing a unique butterfly (with several hues of orange, purple, and yellow) the night before her grandmother’s funeral.  After selling thousands of these bottles to people in her hometown of Trinidad and then across the U.S., she has decided to take her success to the next level and  is currently in the process of creating shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in products.