The Benefits of Natural Hair Care

by Tshura Jones

Think about it. The scalp will absorb anything you put in your hair because it is part of your Integumentary System, or skin. Using hair care products that contain toxic ingredients like parabens, triclosan and polyethylene glycol (PEGs) is never a good idea. These additives can irritate the skin and cause your hair to lose its natural moisture. When it comes to hair care, ditch the harsh additives in favour of all natural ingredients. Not only will the health of your scalp thank you, so too will your overall hair health!
Let nature help
Essential oils can help promote hair health and growth
When choosing hair care products, we should ask the question whether or not these chemical-based products will damage our precious locks. Artificial additives, like: fragrances, colors, preservatives, and thickeners, are found in many hair care products to help extend the shelf-life of the product. These toxic substances are easily absorbed into our scalp and may irritate sensitive skin. There hasn’t been enough research carried out on the long-term side health impacts of these chemical additives so it is wise to avoid them.
Organic hair care products work gently to infuse the hair and scalp with natural extracts and essential oils. They strengthen and protect the integrity of hair fibers. Natural hair care aims to nourish your hair back to its natural health. Natural hair care products are free of toxic ingredients, so the possibility of irritation or even allergic reaction is very small. Not only that, these products are also friendly to the environment. Because the ingredients are all derived from nature, there impose less harm for our planet.
How can essential oils help?
Essential oils are completely derived from nature and have been used since the ancient times. They are a common staple in Eastern as well as homeopathic medicine. Essential oils are a powerful natural remedy that ascribes to the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors: “First, do no harm.”
Thanks to their efficacy and very low risk of nasty side effects, essential oils can promotes thicker and healthier hair growth and also nourish and soothe dry/itchy scalp. In fact, studies show that essential oils naturally help in hair growth, adding strength and moisture to damaged hair. Indeed, peppermint oil was shown to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which can promote skin thickness, and follicle growth.
Why not try it for yourself? REVIVIFY is a 100% organic, all-natural hair growth oil that contains a rejuvenating blend of essential oils and herbs like peppermint essential oil. Your hair and scalp will thank you!